October Updates – Matt

Catch up with Matt and what he was up to this October! Matt has an interesting housing situation this year. Currently, he is living with his girlfriend on a sailboat in San Diego Bay, and commuting to school and work each day. Living on a boat definitely makes for an atypical Halloween experience!

Halloween was not your usual Halloween this year. As it turns out, no one really trick or treats on sail boats ☹, but maybe we could start something here ☺ !

Halloween on the boat

So for Halloween, we actually celebrated twice. First we went to Carnival of the Cursed to see my girlfriend, Stephanie’s friend Chava perform. This was interesting since it was a first for both of us seeing a show of this type. Below are a few pictures to give you an idea. 

Photo credit @robrphoto

Next, my friend Marco, Stephanie, and I went to see a rock climbing film festival at UC San Diego’s Price Center Theater. 

The cover of the Reel Rock Film Festival. Click image for a link to the video and more information

Marco was enamored with the drone shots and filming. He is big on the outdoors and does everything from extreme off-roading to scuba diving. 

Some of the crazy stuff Marco does. Click the image for the link to a quick video

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