A House Tour With Matt

This Tuesday, we get a house tour from Matt, whose living situation is a little different than the average student’s.

Housing is interesting this year. My girlfriend Stephanie is working with graduate housing, but nothing has opened up yet, and housing in La Jolla can be expensive. My first thought was to buy a Volkswagen Van. The thought was to park it on campus and have a convenient space to sleep, cook, and study. However, the van was also very expensive. Instead, my mom found an ambulance online for a decent price. We bought it and everything was perfect. It even had a big flat screen and a table for studying. In particular, I liked the light bar and emergency lights – very handy in case I found myself late for class and stuck in traffic. Unfortunately, the smog certification that came with the ambulance was invalid. The original owner had removed all of the pollution control systems, so we returned it before the start of school for our money back. It was definitely fun while it lasted.

Now, we are staying on a beautiful sailboat in San Diego Bay. Commuting is not bad if you leave before and after rush hour. 


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