Life On Warren Mall Meets: AJ

We’re back with another installment of Life On Warren Mall Meets! Today we’re introducing AJ, a second year Electrical Engineering major minoring in Physics. When he’s not juggling his classes and his position as Quarterly Projects Chair of IEEE, AJ likes skating, hanging out with friends, and trying out new hobbies. In the past, he has picked up chess and reading, but now he is on to building his own website from scratch!

Why UC San Diego – Matt

My name is Matt Morris. I am a fifth year Engineering Physics student originally from Southern California. I was asked to write about why I chose UC San Diego. When I first chose this university, I didn’t fully understand what made it so special. So, I’m going to take this opportunity to discuss what happened four years after I started attending UC San Diego. Part way through my fourth year I had a seizure-like episode. I could no longer think coherently. I also lost muscle control, was extremely sensitive to light and sound, and was in a constant state of debilitating pain. Prior to this, I was completely fine and training for a sailing championship in Europe.

No one could figure out was wrong with me so I went to our Dean of Student Affairs, Dean Kafele Khalfani. I was nervous to tell him what was going on, and I figured that this would be the end of my academic career at UC San Diego. After all, why would a top-ranked university want to keep a student who was not performing? To my amazement, he encouraged me to bleed off some units and keep him in the know as I  continued to deal with my situation. I ended up having to drop all of my courses as time went on, and was later bedridden. Then, it was discovered that I had a brain tumor at the geographic center of my brain. I flew to Texas to have surgery, and during recovery, I relearned everything – from walking to basic math. For a while, I even went completely blind. Through all of this, UC San Deigo had my back. It didn’t matter what the circumstances were, I would always be a Triton. This event truly proved to me how special this university is. 

Life On Warren Mall Meets: Sandeep

We’re kicking off the week with another installment of our Life On Warren Mall Meets series! This week, we introduce Sandeep, a third-year computer engineering major. Currently, Sandeep is interning at Google, but during his time at UC San Diego he is involved in a number of organizations. He previously served as the Vice President of Finance for Sangam SD and recently founded the organization, Project Studio at UC San Diego.

Keep up with Sandeep, as well as his internship with Google here on Life On Warren Mall!

Camping in Anza Borrego – Hamna

Another of our students recently went on a camping trip. Hamna spent her first camping trip in the Anza Borrego Desert and absolutely enjoyed it. Check out some of the pictures from her trip below!

I went camping for the first time ever! I went to the Anza Borrego Desert with two of my buddies, and saw the night sky in all of its glory and learned a lot about constellations. We also went hiking where I explored my first ever desert oasis. There were an enormous amount of palm trees and the calls of beautiful desert birds. I also had the opportunity to try outdoor bouldering and climbed a few large boulders. My friends and I ended our trip by exploring the world’s largest collection of mud caves. All in all, camping and exploring new places within the San Diego country was absolutely breathtaking. 

Mud caves


Taking Advantage of New Opportunities – Achint

We end the week with a blog post from Achint. This quarter, Achint decided to explore the various opportunities and resources available on the UC San Diego campus, as well as in the San Diego area!

Coming into my third year of college, I’ve noticed that I haven’t particularly taken advantage of all the opportunities school has to offer. In an attempt to find new ways to stay active during the quarter, I stumbled across recreation classes at UC San Diego. After going through a rather extensive list, I decided to enroll in the free class offered during Winter Quarter with a friend (partially to save money and partially to get a feel for the classes there). That being said, the class I chose is the Student Personal Wellness class, which is offered free for students to take at any time during their college career. 

While I have only attended one class so far (selected from a variety of time frames they offer), I was incredibly impressed with how the program works. They have you take a pre-assessment of your general fitness and health level before the class starts. This measures things like your blood pressure, flexibility, body fat and strength. You speak to someone about your results and they provide feedback showing you on average how your numbers look based on statistics. They are able to point our sections of improvement, as well as areas in which you are more successful. As someone who is still stumbling through the initial stages of her health and fitness journey, it gave me a pretty solid understanding of where I am currently at. Unfortunately, I found out that my push-ups still need a substantial amount of work.

Moving onto the class, it is relatively small (around 7 – 8 students) with an instructor who is qualified and knowledgeable about both health and fitness. After introductions were made, the instructor gave us a feel for the class. We will be learning a new component of health and fitness each week, which we ultimately want to work to incorporate into our lives. The first week was a general circuit training where we worked with weight machines. While I definitely needed assistance in learning how to workout with weight machines, I genuinely appreciated the introductory part of the course even more. The instructor emphasized that health was beyond just nutrition and being active. It was about general mental well-being and feeling good from the inside out. He also emphasized finding something you personally enjoyed as your form of fitness. You don’t have to do weights if you don’t enjoy it, and that was completely okay. Additionally, we were given a journal to log our nutrition and notes of how the week went, as well as an assignment to do two circuits of our own choice sometime during the week. He also provided outside resources for those of us that wanted more assistance with health and fitness.

While it’s too early to whole-heartedly recommend the program, I do think it is a great opportunity to check out moving forward. If this isn’t something that is of interest to you, I still encourage you to look at  other opportunities that the campus has to offer. You may stumble into new passions and activities that you never knew about before.

Exploring San Diego – a picture from Holy Matcha in North Park