Camping in Anza Borrego – Hamna

Another of our students recently went on a camping trip. Hamna spent her first camping trip in the Anza Borrego Desert and absolutely enjoyed it. Check out some of the pictures from her trip below!

I went camping for the first time ever! I went to the Anza Borrego Desert with two of my buddies, and saw the night sky in all of its glory and learned a lot about constellations. We also went hiking where I explored my first ever desert oasis. There were an enormous amount of palm trees and the calls of beautiful desert birds. I also had the opportunity to try outdoor bouldering and climbed a few large boulders. My friends and I ended our trip by exploring the world’s largest collection of mud caves. All in all, camping and exploring new places within the San Diego country was absolutely breathtaking. 

Mud caves


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