Cloudy Day In Point Reyes – Sandeep

Working at Google has been keeping Sandeep busy, but just recently he had the opportunity to take a break and visit Point Reyes with his family!

I used to always bug my family to visit Point Reyes Lighthouse (which is located a little north of SF) as an attraction that we should see whenever we’d tour places in Northern California. I have no idea why to be honest haha. I’d always insist that we take the scenic Highway 1 (as opposed to the 101 or I-5) on the way back from places, but they’d always dismiss the suggestion saying that it’d take too long. Finally, I had my way, and we took a dedicated day trip to visit Point Reyes. Unfortunately, the day we went was so foggy that we couldn’t even see the lighthouse at all. So guess it’s still on the bucket list.