Holi 2018 – Sandeep

Life On Warren Mall student, Sandeep, just completed his winter internship at Google and is now back full time at UC San Diego. To kick off the beginning of the quarter and celebrate the start of spring, Sandeep helped to put on a Holi event!

Holi is the festival of colors celebrated in India and Nepal around the start of spring. My student organization, Sangam in collaboration with two other on-campus organizations, ISA and AIGS, hosted this event last weekend at UC San Diego for the over 400 students that attended. A central portion of the event is throwing various colors at your friends, hence the colors all over my face. We also served Pav Bhaji, an Indian dish consisting of bread and curry, at the event and had a live DJ performance. I thought that the event was a super fun way to kick off spring quarter, and would definitely recommend attending Holi next year!   

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