HackXX Event Recap – Hamna

Recently, Hamna helped plan and host HackXX, which is UC San Diego’s women-centric hackathon. HackXX is open to undergraduate students from any academic background, gender and sexual identity, and aims to provide a space where all innovators feel welcome.

HackXX is UC San Diego’s Women-Centric Hackathon. It’s a place welcome to all genders, majors, and students. This year, we welcomed 103 hackers who identified as women, men, transgender, and non-binary, and they came from various universities in Southern California.

Participants could hack on any idea that they had. Those who didn’t have a team were invited to a Team Mixer where hackers shared their ideas for possible hacks and connected with one another.

Hackers were able to attend three different types of technical workshops. We offered workshops on Unity for VR/AR platforms, web development using Django, and learning how to CAD and 3D print! We even had a workshop on how to ace a technical interview by Northrop Grumman and a tech talk on machine learning from Cisco.

To create a safe and comforting experience, we made sure to provide the hackers with enough support to help them feel confident. Mentors were present throughout the hackathon to guide the hackers. VR Club at UCSD hosted a VR/AR station complete with HTC Vives and mentors present at all times. We also made sure to have a variety of food options available to cater to different diets.

At the end of the hackathon, we had 19 project submissions! It was great to see hackers support one another as they pitched their hacks. Our 1st place team created a website called Any-A. Their goal is to empower girls in elementary school by helping them practice math and learn about female role models and their accomplishments in the field of mathematics.

In the end, it was evident that all the teams grew together as they collaborated, learned new topics, and made amazing hacks!

Check out the projects here!

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