Interning at Google – Sandeep

Sandeep has decided to take a quarter off of school to work as a software engineer at Google. Here is how he is settling in so far!

So, I only have one picture of me at Google so far. Hopefully I’ll have some more later. I’m working on iOS and Android Mobile development on the Google Hangouts team. I’ve had a great experience so far. Since this is an off season internship, I have met a few other interns, but the majority of the friends I’ve made thus far are full time Googlers, so that’s pretty awesome. The campus is absolutely beautiful, and the food is soooo good. But I guess my favorite part of it all so far are the Google bikes. Since the campus is so huge, it’s really helpful for commuting. Anyways, that’s what I have so far – that I’m allowed to publicly talk about. 

Finals Week Recap – Matt

Today, we get perspective on finals week from another Life On Warren Mall student, Matt.

Hi Life On Warren Mall, 

Finals were brutally difficult, but I passed all of my classes and even got an A. Didn’t post much because I figured studying for hours on end does not make fore the most exciting content. Having said that, some of the optics labs I had an optics lab that was pretty fun. Continuing more optics this quarter with ECE 183. 

Last optics lab of the quarter

Life On Warren Meets: Colin

We are continuing our new series by introducing Masters student, Colin! Life On Warren Mall Meets gives a peek into UC San Diego’s Electrical and Computer Engineering department and the students that make it so great.

Colin is a Masters student who specializes in Circuits and Systems. In his free time, Colin is extremely involved in Project-In-A-Box, a class that provides students with a chance to apply complex theories to fun and engaging projects. Find out where Colin’s favorite place to get coffee on campus is and how he first became interested in Electrical Engineering!



Quarterly Projects and IEEE – AJ

In addition to Hamna, another one of our students, AJ, is very involved with IEEE’s UC San Diego branch.

During my freshman year of college I was introduced to IEEE, the largest engineering organization on campus. It was their projects and events that caught my interest. I was always really interested in hands-on project experience, and got involved so that I could help teach the necessary skills to other students who might have been too intimidated to start their projects by themselves.

My position at IEEE is the Quarterly Projects Chair. Quarterly Projects (or QP) are entry-level projects designed to get students to start building. While we aim to teach, it isn’t a class. We provide the challenge, materials, some starter guides and workshops, and I am also available for support and advice. We expect students to use resources available throughout campus and IEEE, to learn by doing, and apply their creativity to jump off and above the specifications we set for a competition at the end of the quarter. 

Finals Week Recap – AJ

It’s a new quarter and a new year, so things at UC San Diego are relaxing… for now! Here’s a recap of two of our students – AJ and Hamna studying before finals.

Life on Warren Mall Meets: Hamna

This week we are debuting a new video series called Life on Warren Mall Meets. You have already had the chance to be introduced to our students through their blog posts, but here are a few other things you might not have known about them.

To kick off the series, we sat down with fifth year Electrical Engineering major, Hamna to discuss her passions and also her favorite coffee spot on campus. From serving as the Vice Chair External of UC San Diego’s IEEE branch to hiking on the weekends and hanging out with her sorority, it seems almost impossible that Hamna would also find time to study. Yet, she does it all and more!

Working with IEEE – Hamna

This year, Hamna is serving as Vice Chair External for the Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers, better known as IEEE. IEEE has more than 2,350 student branches and colleges and universities in 80 countries. With its global membership, the IEEE is a leading authority on areas ranging from aerospace systems and computers to biomedical engineering and consumer electronics among others. The UC San Diego IEEE is the second largest branch in the United States.

Here’s what Hamna was up to this November with her IEEE team!

Hamna is serving as Vice Chair External of IEEE this year
Interacting with other IEEE officers
Hamna and her fellow IEEE officers failed to complete an escape room, but still had fun


A House Tour With Matt

This Tuesday, we get a house tour from Matt, whose living situation is a little different than the average student’s.

Housing is interesting this year. My girlfriend Stephanie is working with graduate housing, but nothing has opened up yet, and housing in La Jolla can be expensive. My first thought was to buy a Volkswagen Van. The thought was to park it on campus and have a convenient space to sleep, cook, and study. However, the van was also very expensive. Instead, my mom found an ambulance online for a decent price. We bought it and everything was perfect. It even had a big flat screen and a table for studying. In particular, I liked the light bar and emergency lights – very handy in case I found myself late for class and stuck in traffic. Unfortunately, the smog certification that came with the ambulance was invalid. The original owner had removed all of the pollution control systems, so we returned it before the start of school for our money back. It was definitely fun while it lasted.

Now, we are staying on a beautiful sailboat in San Diego Bay. Commuting is not bad if you leave before and after rush hour. 


October Updates – Sandeep

Today Sandeep gives us a rundown on his favorite classes, as well as the craziness of keeping up with the quarter system and hunting for internships.

At this point in the quarter, classes are going alright. I was fortunate enough to only have one round of midterms this quarter. After those were over, I was pretty happy that I could now just focus on regular school work. Of course, with the quarter system, it’s always easy to feel like you’re behind. This quarter especially, it has become very commonplace for me to fall behind because I’ve been out interviewing onsite at companies like Microsoft and Salesforce for the latter parts of the previous few weeks. It feels great to take a few days off school to go interview at companies, however, once you go back to school, those few days off come back to bite you :). I have been able to catch up since, and now, when I know I’ll be absent for these kinds of events, I try to get a head start on class material. 

I would say that my favorite teacher right now is Professor Yuanyuan. She teaches CS120: Operating Systems, which is my favorite class so far. The reason I like it so much is because the stuff you learn in that class is pretty mind blowing. Understanding how to write programs that play well with multiple threads and the underlying system on which you applications run can really make you a better programmer. Furthermore, it is a subject that is very applicable to my line of work in the future. Of the computer science classes that I’ve taken so far, this is the one that seems to be the most practical, and the professor presents all this complex material in a way that is approachable. For example, to explain why synchronization of threads is important, she did a demo with two students representing threads and candy representing a computing resource they are competing for. Haha, I just realized this sounds like a Cape Review, but anyways, that’s my favorite class and teacher this quarter.  

Taking a break from classes – Yahoo Diwali Party

Last weekend, me and a couple friends decided to wake up early on a Sunday morning (pretty crazy right?) to do some hiking at Black Mountain. It was a pretty nice experience; a great way to take a break from solving circuit problems and enjoy the great outdoors, post midterms week.

Weekend hike

October Updates – Matt

Catch up with Matt and what he was up to this October! Matt has an interesting housing situation this year. Currently, he is living with his girlfriend on a sailboat in San Diego Bay, and commuting to school and work each day. Living on a boat definitely makes for an atypical Halloween experience!

Halloween was not your usual Halloween this year. As it turns out, no one really trick or treats on sail boats ☹, but maybe we could start something here ☺ !

Halloween on the boat

So for Halloween, we actually celebrated twice. First we went to Carnival of the Cursed to see my girlfriend, Stephanie’s friend Chava perform. This was interesting since it was a first for both of us seeing a show of this type. Below are a few pictures to give you an idea. 

Photo credit @robrphoto

Next, my friend Marco, Stephanie, and I went to see a rock climbing film festival at UC San Diego’s Price Center Theater. 

The cover of the Reel Rock Film Festival. Click image for a link to the video and more information

Marco was enamored with the drone shots and filming. He is big on the outdoors and does everything from extreme off-roading to scuba diving. 

Some of the crazy stuff Marco does. Click the image for the link to a quick video