October Updates – Sanjay

Now that you have met all of our students it’s time to see what they do on a daily basis. We touched base with our students to see what they were up to during the month of October. Here is Sanjay’s October update!

What I did this month – Travelling. A lot of travelling. So unfortunately, while I don’t have a lot of pictures of San Diego/La Jolla or the campus for this month, I do have some snaps of where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to. I flew to Portland, Oakland, and drove up to Monterey and UCLA on four separate occasions this month to test the product I’ve been working on at my own startup company. We visited four support groups for patients with Essential Tremor at these locations, and also got to see some sights and sounds.

Meet the Students – Sanjay

Last but not least, meet Sanjay!

Hi everyone,

My name is Sanjay! I’m from the United Arab Emirates, and I came to America four years ago to study Bioengineering at UC San Diego. Currently, I’m enrolled as a Masters student in Electrical Engineering here, and have amassed quite a number of projects and teams that I work with regularly on campus. I’m a musician, so I end up hanging out at the college radio station KSDT a lot, where I used to serve as the Audio Engineer. I currently work as the Chief Design Officer at a start-up that I began during my senior design project called TremorEnd, that focuses on creating a wearable medical device for patients afflicted with movement disorders known as tremors. 

Other than that, I’m 22 years old, a full-blooded Leo, and I love hiking, camping, and exploring nature in general. My goals beyond school and work include making a hit record, visiting every national park in America, and figuring out how to open a bottle of Afrin nasal spray. 


Meet the Students – Hamna

Today meet Hamna!


I’m Hamna. I’m a fifth year undergraduate student studying Electrical Engineering. I’m passionate about using knowledge and empathy to help others. I enjoy reading books on topics covering the whole spectrum. I love to SWEAT! Whether it is doing yoga, hiking, running, or climbing, I love a good challenge to improve my strength and balance. I hope you enjoy the content I’ll be sharing with you all. Come and get a glimpse of my crazy, fantastic life!



IEEE tabling for the new school year
Hiking Iron Mountain

Meet the Students – Sandeep

This Wednesday we meet one of Life on Warren Mall’s undergraduate students, Sandeep.

Hello! My name is Sandeep Raghunandhan, and I’m a 3rd year student studying Computer Engineering at UCSD. In my free time, I love working on web applications as side projects and hanging out with friends. I also love going out to places to eat, but who doesn’t?

Meet the Students – Colin

Today Life on Warren Mall introduces Colin!

What’s up Nerds!

I am Colin, a masters student in the ECE Department at UCSD. I completed my undergraduate at UCSD, with a depth in (Wireless) Communication Systems, and in graduate studies am specializing in Circuits and Systems – including antennas and communication systems, but my real passion is projects. As a former Technical Chair of our campus IEEE branch, I created workshops that introduced students to hands-on technical skills. Now I am a director for Project in a Box’s R&D division, where I manage student teams developing projects for ECE curriculum, and keep myself an active tinkerer with my thesis research project: Transmission of Touch. It centers around a wearable glove that allows the user to experience remote sensations – either feeling what a robotic arm feels, or receiving haptic feedback from a fully-immersive Virtual Reality environment, with organic actuators from the Lipomi Lab in the Nanoengineering department. My main aspiration for my career is that it feeds my creativity; I won’t accept repetitive, constraining tasks when I could be inventing things. I love coffee, kittens, and clearly – making fun!

First successful circuit
Colin loves cats! This is Kuro

Meet the Students – AJ

Happy Monday everyone! To start off this week, Life on Warren Mall introduces another ECE student.

My name Is Armin Jamshidi, who goes by the name AJ. He is majoring in Electrical Engineer with a minor in physics.

Developing creative and innovative engineering projects is a favorite pastime of mine and I’m excited that I get to pass this passion on to other students as Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers’ quarterly projects chair. You can usually find me working late nights at the lab, skating around campus, or beating my friends at table tennis (most of the time).

Meet the Students – Achint

To close off the week, Life on Warren Mall introduces Achint!

Hi! My name is Achint and I am currently a third year student studying Computer Engineering at UC San Diego. As a developer and designer, I focus on the importance of creating a strong product in terms of both development and user experience. During my downtime you can find me exploring the newest coffee shops and drinking some variation of earl grey tea. When I’m feeling more active, I like to workout! Right now, my latest obsession is bouldering.

Meet the Students – Matt

In the upcoming weeks, we will be introducing the students of Life on Warren Mall. This Thursday meet Matt, a fifth year Engineering Physics student.

Hello fellow Tritons, my name is Matt Morris. I’m a fifth year Engineering Physics Student. 

I love going fast. Two of my biggest hobbies are sailing and cars. I’ve been competing in sailing since the age of 6 or 7, and compete currently in Formula 18 Catamaran. In the summer of 2016, I was given the opportunity to campaign throughout Europe with my sailing partner Steve. This summer we recently finished competing in the America’s Cup championship. As for cars, I started competing in karting when I was 10 and recently finished building a race car with my dad.

In relation to my career, I am working for a start up that is engineering a new IV pump. This is the perfect opportunity to get a systems level understanding of what it takes to bring a product to market. It incorporates everything from electronics packaging to fluid dynamics, reliability testing, and design for manufacturability. I’m even gaining some insight into the business aspects of a corporation. I love engineering and physics, so right now I am bouncing off the walls absorbing all the knowledge I can from classes and work. 

Car show on Library Walk with the car I built
First half of competitive driving license in Formula 3

Life On Warren Mall is Live!

Life On Warren Mall is live!

Keeping up with the fast paced quarter system, attending classes, and finding time for friends keeps our UC San Diego ECE students busy. Here is a sneak peek of what is to come. Meet our students – Sanjay, Matt, AJ, Sandeep, Achint, Hamna, and Colin.

Check our website for weekly updates from our students, and keep up with Life on Warren Mall on Youtube and Instagram.