Life On Warren Meets: Colin

We are continuing our new series by introducing Masters student, Colin! Life On Warren Mall Meets gives a peek into UC San Diego’s Electrical and Computer Engineering department and the students that make it so great.

Colin is a Masters student who specializes in Circuits and Systems. In his free time, Colin is extremely involved in Project-In-A-Box, a class that provides students with a chance to apply complex theories to fun and engaging projects. Find out where Colin’s favorite place to get coffee on campus is and how he first became interested in Electrical Engineering!



Meet the Students – Colin

Today Life on Warren Mall introduces Colin!

What’s up Nerds!

I am Colin, a masters student in the ECE Department at UCSD. I completed my undergraduate at UCSD, with a depth in (Wireless) Communication Systems, and in graduate studies am specializing in Circuits and Systems – including antennas and communication systems, but my real passion is projects. As a former Technical Chair of our campus IEEE branch, I created workshops that introduced students to hands-on technical skills. Now I am a director for Project in a Box’s R&D division, where I manage student teams developing projects for ECE curriculum, and keep myself an active tinkerer with my thesis research project: Transmission of Touch. It centers around a wearable glove that allows the user to experience remote sensations – either feeling what a robotic arm feels, or receiving haptic feedback from a fully-immersive Virtual Reality environment, with organic actuators from the Lipomi Lab in the Nanoengineering department. My main aspiration for my career is that it feeds my creativity; I won’t accept repetitive, constraining tasks when I could be inventing things. I love coffee, kittens, and clearly – making fun!

First successful circuit
Colin loves cats! This is Kuro

Life On Warren Mall is Live!

Life On Warren Mall is live!

Keeping up with the fast paced quarter system, attending classes, and finding time for friends keeps our UC San Diego ECE students busy. Here is a sneak peek of what is to come. Meet our students – Sanjay, Matt, AJ, Sandeep, Achint, Hamna, and Colin.

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