Spring Break Updates – Matt

Our students have just returned from Spring Break and we are touching base with them to hear more about the start of their new quarters.

I’ll add more, but here is the start.

I was interviewed by KUSI News and that was pretty cool. If you want to watch the video click here

Other than that, I am planning a trip to Iceland and campaigning in sailing over summer. 

One class’s workload
One quarter’s work load

Why UC San Diego – Matt

My name is Matt Morris. I am a fifth year Engineering Physics student originally from Southern California. I was asked to write about why I chose UC San Diego. When I first chose this university, I didn’t fully understand what made it so special. So, I’m going to take this opportunity to discuss what happened four years after I started attending UC San Diego. Part way through my fourth year I had a seizure-like episode. I could no longer think coherently. I also lost muscle control, was extremely sensitive to light and sound, and was in a constant state of debilitating pain. Prior to this, I was completely fine and training for a sailing championship in Europe.

No one could figure out was wrong with me so I went to our Dean of Student Affairs, Dean Kafele Khalfani. I was nervous to tell him what was going on, and I figured that this would be the end of my academic career at UC San Diego. After all, why would a top-ranked university want to keep a student who was not performing? To my amazement, he encouraged me to bleed off some units and keep him in the know as I  continued to deal with my situation. I ended up having to drop all of my courses as time went on, and was later bedridden. Then, it was discovered that I had a brain tumor at the geographic center of my brain. I flew to Texas to have surgery, and during recovery, I relearned everything – from walking to basic math. For a while, I even went completely blind. Through all of this, UC San Deigo had my back. It didn’t matter what the circumstances were, I would always be a Triton. This event truly proved to me how special this university is. 

Finals Week Recap – Matt

Today, we get perspective on finals week from another Life On Warren Mall student, Matt.

Hi Life On Warren Mall, 

Finals were brutally difficult, but I passed all of my classes and even got an A. Didn’t post much because I figured studying for hours on end does not make fore the most exciting content. Having said that, some of the optics labs I had an optics lab that was pretty fun. Continuing more optics this quarter with ECE 183. 

Last optics lab of the quarter

A House Tour With Matt

This Tuesday, we get a house tour from Matt, whose living situation is a little different than the average student’s.

Housing is interesting this year. My girlfriend Stephanie is working with graduate housing, but nothing has opened up yet, and housing in La Jolla can be expensive. My first thought was to buy a Volkswagen Van. The thought was to park it on campus and have a convenient space to sleep, cook, and study. However, the van was also very expensive. Instead, my mom found an ambulance online for a decent price. We bought it and everything was perfect. It even had a big flat screen and a table for studying. In particular, I liked the light bar and emergency lights – very handy in case I found myself late for class and stuck in traffic. Unfortunately, the smog certification that came with the ambulance was invalid. The original owner had removed all of the pollution control systems, so we returned it before the start of school for our money back. It was definitely fun while it lasted.

Now, we are staying on a beautiful sailboat in San Diego Bay. Commuting is not bad if you leave before and after rush hour. 


October Updates – Matt

Catch up with Matt and what he was up to this October! Matt has an interesting housing situation this year. Currently, he is living with his girlfriend on a sailboat in San Diego Bay, and commuting to school and work each day. Living on a boat definitely makes for an atypical Halloween experience!

Halloween was not your usual Halloween this year. As it turns out, no one really trick or treats on sail boats ☹, but maybe we could start something here ☺ !

Halloween on the boat

So for Halloween, we actually celebrated twice. First we went to Carnival of the Cursed to see my girlfriend, Stephanie’s friend Chava perform. This was interesting since it was a first for both of us seeing a show of this type. Below are a few pictures to give you an idea. 

Photo credit @robrphoto

Next, my friend Marco, Stephanie, and I went to see a rock climbing film festival at UC San Diego’s Price Center Theater. 

The cover of the Reel Rock Film Festival. Click image for a link to the video and more information

Marco was enamored with the drone shots and filming. He is big on the outdoors and does everything from extreme off-roading to scuba diving. 

Some of the crazy stuff Marco does. Click the image for the link to a quick video

Meet the Students – Matt

In the upcoming weeks, we will be introducing the students of Life on Warren Mall. This Thursday meet Matt, a fifth year Engineering Physics student.

Hello fellow Tritons, my name is Matt Morris. I’m a fifth year Engineering Physics Student. 

I love going fast. Two of my biggest hobbies are sailing and cars. I’ve been competing in sailing since the age of 6 or 7, and compete currently in Formula 18 Catamaran. In the summer of 2016, I was given the opportunity to campaign throughout Europe with my sailing partner Steve. This summer we recently finished competing in the America’s Cup championship. As for cars, I started competing in karting when I was 10 and recently finished building a race car with my dad.

In relation to my career, I am working for a start up that is engineering a new IV pump. This is the perfect opportunity to get a systems level understanding of what it takes to bring a product to market. It incorporates everything from electronics packaging to fluid dynamics, reliability testing, and design for manufacturability. I’m even gaining some insight into the business aspects of a corporation. I love engineering and physics, so right now I am bouncing off the walls absorbing all the knowledge I can from classes and work. 

Car show on Library Walk with the car I built
First half of competitive driving license in Formula 3

Life On Warren Mall is Live!

Life On Warren Mall is live!

Keeping up with the fast paced quarter system, attending classes, and finding time for friends keeps our UC San Diego ECE students busy. Here is a sneak peek of what is to come. Meet our students – Sanjay, Matt, AJ, Sandeep, Achint, Hamna, and Colin.

Check our website for weekly updates from our students, and keep up with Life on Warren Mall on Youtube and Instagram.