Holi 2018 – Sandeep

Life On Warren Mall student, Sandeep, just completed his winter internship at Google and is now back full time at UC San Diego. To kick off the beginning of the quarter and celebrate the start of spring, Sandeep helped to put on a Holi event!

Holi is the festival of colors celebrated in India and Nepal around the start of spring. My student organization, Sangam in collaboration with two other on-campus organizations, ISA and AIGS, hosted this event last weekend at UC San Diego for the over 400 students that attended. A central portion of the event is throwing various colors at your friends, hence the colors all over my face. We also served Pav Bhaji, an Indian dish consisting of bread and curry, at the event and had a live DJ performance. I thought that the event was a super fun way to kick off spring quarter, and would definitely recommend attending Holi next year!   

Cloudy Day In Point Reyes – Sandeep

Working at Google has been keeping Sandeep busy, but just recently he had the opportunity to take a break and visit Point Reyes with his family!

I used to always bug my family to visit Point Reyes Lighthouse (which is located a little north of SF) as an attraction that we should see whenever we’d tour places in Northern California. I have no idea why to be honest haha. I’d always insist that we take the scenic Highway 1 (as opposed to the 101 or I-5) on the way back from places, but they’d always dismiss the suggestion saying that it’d take too long. Finally, I had my way, and we took a dedicated day trip to visit Point Reyes. Unfortunately, the day we went was so foggy that we couldn’t even see the lighthouse at all. So guess it’s still on the bucket list. 

Life On Warren Mall Meets: Sandeep

We’re kicking off the week with another installment of our Life On Warren Mall Meets series! This week, we introduce Sandeep, a third-year computer engineering major. Currently, Sandeep is interning at Google, but during his time at UC San Diego he is involved in a number of organizations. He previously served as the Vice President of Finance for Sangam SD and recently founded the organization, Project Studio at UC San Diego.

Keep up with Sandeep, as well as his internship with Google here on Life On Warren Mall!

Interning at Google – Sandeep

Sandeep has decided to take a quarter off of school to work as a software engineer at Google. Here is how he is settling in so far!

So, I only have one picture of me at Google so far. Hopefully I’ll have some more later. I’m working on iOS and Android Mobile development on the Google Hangouts team. I’ve had a great experience so far. Since this is an off season internship, I have met a few other interns, but the majority of the friends I’ve made thus far are full time Googlers, so that’s pretty awesome. The campus is absolutely beautiful, and the food is soooo good. But I guess my favorite part of it all so far are the Google bikes. Since the campus is so huge, it’s really helpful for commuting. Anyways, that’s what I have so far – that I’m allowed to publicly talk about. 

October Updates – Sandeep

Today Sandeep gives us a rundown on his favorite classes, as well as the craziness of keeping up with the quarter system and hunting for internships.

At this point in the quarter, classes are going alright. I was fortunate enough to only have one round of midterms this quarter. After those were over, I was pretty happy that I could now just focus on regular school work. Of course, with the quarter system, it’s always easy to feel like you’re behind. This quarter especially, it has become very commonplace for me to fall behind because I’ve been out interviewing onsite at companies like Microsoft and Salesforce for the latter parts of the previous few weeks. It feels great to take a few days off school to go interview at companies, however, once you go back to school, those few days off come back to bite you :). I have been able to catch up since, and now, when I know I’ll be absent for these kinds of events, I try to get a head start on class material. 

I would say that my favorite teacher right now is Professor Yuanyuan. She teaches CS120: Operating Systems, which is my favorite class so far. The reason I like it so much is because the stuff you learn in that class is pretty mind blowing. Understanding how to write programs that play well with multiple threads and the underlying system on which you applications run can really make you a better programmer. Furthermore, it is a subject that is very applicable to my line of work in the future. Of the computer science classes that I’ve taken so far, this is the one that seems to be the most practical, and the professor presents all this complex material in a way that is approachable. For example, to explain why synchronization of threads is important, she did a demo with two students representing threads and candy representing a computing resource they are competing for. Haha, I just realized this sounds like a Cape Review, but anyways, that’s my favorite class and teacher this quarter.  

Taking a break from classes – Yahoo Diwali Party

Last weekend, me and a couple friends decided to wake up early on a Sunday morning (pretty crazy right?) to do some hiking at Black Mountain. It was a pretty nice experience; a great way to take a break from solving circuit problems and enjoy the great outdoors, post midterms week.

Weekend hike

Meet the Students – Sandeep

This Wednesday we meet one of Life on Warren Mall’s undergraduate students, Sandeep.

Hello! My name is Sandeep Raghunandhan, and I’m a 3rd year student studying Computer Engineering at UCSD. In my free time, I love working on web applications as side projects and hanging out with friends. I also love going out to places to eat, but who doesn’t?

Life On Warren Mall is Live!

Life On Warren Mall is live!

Keeping up with the fast paced quarter system, attending classes, and finding time for friends keeps our UC San Diego ECE students busy. Here is a sneak peek of what is to come. Meet our students – Sanjay, Matt, AJ, Sandeep, Achint, Hamna, and Colin.

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